Multiple Account Hosting

Do you have more than one web site? Are they hosted in many different places and you find them hard to control? Then you should consider one of our multiple domain hosting accounts that allow you to host under one main account to host unlimited domains / web sites. Unlike a reseller hosting style account you can control all the sites via one single control panel and FTP. This is ideal if just you or your company are updating your sites as they can be controlled in one place without having to work with multiple control panels and FTP accounts which can become confusing.

This type of account is unique to us and is only possible due to our specially designed control panel system. The special domain control system which we have created is very simple to use and makes it very easy to control hundreds of sites even for very inexperienced users.

Graphical Website & Visitor Statistics
In order to manage your online 'campaign' successfully you need to know about the visitor 'trends' to your website, and our Graphical Website & Visitor Statistics application will provide you with massive amounts of data about who is visiting your site, visitor numbers, the most popular web page/s, the times they visit, where they come from, what search engines have sent them, what keywords they used etc etc.

Online Database Manager
For management of your online MySQL databases CheapDotNet include the versatile and popular phpMyAdmin PHP driven database manager which is a comprehensive, easily learned tool for manually editing/updating or modifying your MySQL database/s.

For managing MS-SQL CheapDotNet provide web based database management system. so you could manage your database anywhere anytime, provided there is internet connection and web browser.

Using our WebMail interface you are able to send/receive your emails from any computer screen (similar to hotmail). Ideal for traveling business people.

Forwards simply allow you to automatically forward email sent to one account to another account. This is useful when you work at two separate locations, or have gone on holiday.

Auto Responders
Auto-responders are email messages that are sent automatically when an email arrives for a specific email account. auto-responders are most commonly used for an "Out of Office" style message to inform your correspondents that you are not available, without you having to reply manually. You can have more than one auto-responder on one account.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are an ideal tool for communication between participants and can be about anything you want. in the webmail we allows you to set up a mailing list with a large number of configurable options, such as who is on the list, where mailing lists messages are sent, and whether you include welcoming messages to new subscribers.

Web Based File Management
You can use this file manager to access the files on your account. To change to a folder, click on the folder name. To bring up the file menu, click on a file name. This menu will allow you to show a files contents, delete it, edit it, change its permission, rename the file, copy it, or move the file by clicking on the command you wish to activate.